Tasmanians believe

It isn’t easy here. It never has been. People said it was impossible, and for too long we believed it. This is why, for Tasmanians, good enough is never good enough. We work harder, we follow our obsessions, we support one another, and we protect what makes this place different. Being Tasmanian is the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary.

In a loud and exhausting world, find strength and inspiration in quietness. Help preserve what makes this place special. Find your extraordinary.

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    We have to work harder here, with grit. If it’s easy it isn’t worth doing.

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    In an increasingly loud and boastful world Tasmania is quiet.

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    The outcome of our work and ingenuity, and the deeply Tasmanian choice to protect our environment.

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    Tasmanians focus on better, on different, on the unusual – not more.

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    We inspire, encourage, uplift and support one another.

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    Be Tasmanian

    It's not where you were born. It's who you are and who you want to be.

Tasmanian Youth Enterprise

We want all young people to understand they belong, that Tasmania is an unusually good place to make your passion your career.


Become a Tasmanian partner

Tasmania is different. Let’s explore what it is about this place, its people, and what we can achieve together.

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Little Tasmanian

Let’s inspire and encourage Tasmanians from the very (very) beginning of their lives.

Little Tasmanians