The story

Being Tasmanian is the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary.

Tasmania isn’t for everyone. We’re here to help you understand how it might be for you – from a taste to a holiday or a deeper commitment that will change your life.

Tasmanian Stories

Tasmanian Health Careers

The whole world needs you. You can be a healthcare professional anywhere. What’s different about Tasmania is our culture and lifestyle. Being a healthcare worker is among the most meaningful careers in the world. We invite you to do it in a meaningful place.
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Women in Tasmania

For International women's Day 2023 and beyond, we wanted to celebrate women across Tasmania. We wanted to show women who lead, women in their communities, and women supporting other women. By making these examples visible, we aim to champion the meaningful achievements of Tasmanian women, and showcase the influence of our unusual place and our unexpected lifestyles.
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Little Tasmanian

Little Tasmanian aims to bring the Tasmanian story into the lives of new Tasmanians in their early years, and connect parents and carers with Tasmania-relevant information about the first 1,000 days. Using a message of ‘someone like you did it, and you can do it too’, Little Tasmanian encourages aspiration, confidence, and pride in children and their trusted adults from the very beginning.
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Be Tasmanian Podcasts

Welcome to Be Tasmanian, a podcast about an impossible mission in a small state at the bottom of the world. It’s about uncovering a hidden story that unites people, and using that story to inspire community action. It’s about place-branding, destination marketing, and economic development, but it’s really about culture: It’s about who we are, why we live where we live, what all that means, and what we ought to do about it. Discover the honesty, the vulnerability, and the passion on these isolated islands at the bottom of the world. Discover what it means to be Tasmanian.
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Sean Hall, Podcast Musician
Sean Hall

The Tasmanian Store

In our interviews and research with Tasmanians, and those who admire Tasmanian-ness in all its forms, we listened carefully for symbols and icons. While a brand is not a logo, we needed some way to express the magic of this place and its people. Nothing compared with the word itself: Tasmanian. These items are for all Tasmanians and those who might like to be Tasmanian – for a night, two weeks, or the rest of their lives. We have tried to source all of these items as ethically and as responsibly as possible, using as many Tasmanian partners as we could find, and the proceeds are re-invested into our work with and for our partners.
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