Blue Derby Pods Ride
Tara and Steve Howell
Shipstern Bluff
Marti Paradisis


It isn’t easy here. It never has been. People said it was impossible, and for too long we believed it. This is why, for Tasmanians, good enough is never good enough. We work harder, we follow our obsessions, we support one another, and we protect what makes this place different.

Being Tasmanian is the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary.


It’s a cultural expression of who we are and why we do what we do, at our best.

'Tasmanian' is an initiative of Brand Tasmania, but it’s all about you.


This website is for anyone who wants to use the Tasmanian brand story to help bring more value to everything we do.

When you register with us, you become a Tasmanian partner. You’ll get access to a range of tools to help you identify what is uniquely Tasmanian about what you do, and how you can powerfully communicate this to uplift your brand and marketing efforts. You’ll also get information on networking events and workshops that will help you connect with like-minded people, and tell your brand story through the lens of the Tasmanian brand.

Joining us is completely free of charge.

If these don’t sound quite like you, we can still help. We all want a powerful and compelling way to express what it means to be Tasmanian, whether we live in New Norfolk or New York.

Explore the website to find out more about the Tasmanian story, read the case studies of people just like you who have achieved something Tasmanian, and sign up for workshops that can show you how you can use the Tasmanian story – no matter what you do.

Register now and become a Tasmanian partner. We’ll work together on telling your story in a uniquely Tasmanian way.