Our remarkable, renewable future

It started with water, over a century ago. We worked hard, under tough conditions, with no one to teach us how to do it. We made mistakes along the way. People from around the world joined us. We learned. We invented.

Now, as the rest of the world seeks to clean its power grids, Tasmania runs on renewable electricity. But what does this story mean for the Tasmanians of today? For our homes, our businesses, our children and grandchildren?

Well, while we’re ahead of everyone right now, we’re going to need more renewable electricity to maintain our way of life – especially as our population grows.

Like much of the world, we import the fuel we use in our cars, utes and public transport. Even in our homes. It’s inefficient, expensive, and the emissions are dirty and damaging to our health and to the planet.

But when we electrify the way we move, live, and do business, we lower our emissions. We protect our environment. Our children breathe cleaner air. We save money (as households and as a state) when we use electricity instead of fossil fuels, because creating our own power is cheaper than importing it. And changing from fuel to electricity will create high-paying jobs in every corner of Tasmania.


By creating more renewable electricity, we’ll make a positive impact on our communities and on the planet. And when we sell our excess supply of it, we’ll help other parts of Australia reduce their emissions as we invest in our health and education.

Right now we’re years ahead, but unless we’re bold, others will catch up. It’s one of the most important moments and one of the biggest opportunities in our history. Tasmania needs more renewable electricity. And in the thousands of ways to electrify our lives and remove emissions, we can make Tasmania an even better place – community by community.


What's in it for us?

When we electrify the ways we move, live, and do business we save money, because electricity is more efficient and cheaper to use than imported fuel. The average Tasmanian household would save $4,660 if it were fully electrified, and we would save $1 billion a year as a state [reference].

We also reduce emissions and make Tasmania’s air and natural places healthier for ourselves and future generations.

We invest in careers of the future, in every community in the state, from low emissions industries and infrastructure to retrofitting homes, auditing carbon, building electric ferries, selling and servicing electric vehicles and bicycles, and caring for our forests and waterways.


The Stories of our Story

Our renewable status would not have been possible without the ingenuity and courage of the Tasmanians who helped create our culture and society. Some were born here. Others joined us around the world and built their lives here: workers, designers, protesters, leaders. Learn about where we’ve been and where we’re going, through the stories of Tasmanians who made — and are making — a positive impact on our state.


The Switch

The next stage of Powered by Tasmania is about the Tasmanian families and households of today, and how we can electrify our lives and create the jobs of the future in our communities. Sign up now to be the first to know when more information is released about this exciting project.

Electrify your life

Apply for a zero-interest loan to help electrify your home, to make it warmer and more energy-efficient. Aurora Energy and Bank of us offers a low-interest loan up to $80,000 with even more options – including electric vehicle purchases.

Hydro Tasmania

What is hydropower? How did we build it? What comes next? It began over a century ago. Built from hard work and under the toughest conditions. A legacy of rushing water was born and continues to this day. Read and watch stories of 'The Hydro', about the men and women who built it, and learn more about Tasmania's current and future opportunities.
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TasNetworks – Powering a Bright Future

TasNetworks believes power resides in the hands of the people. Delivering electricity is about so much more than poles and wires. It’s about your home and family, your community, your ambitions, and Tasmania’s renewable future.

The National Energy Market

Tasmania is connected to the rest of Australia’s electricity market so we have access to their wind and solar supply when it is plentiful and cheap, and so they can buy our renewable electricity when prices are higher. Marinus Link will allow us to use our dams to store energy like a battery (and will give us lightning-fast internet).

Aurora Energy

We are 100% owned and operated by Tasmanians, bringing electricity into homes and businesses across the state. You are our shareholders, so our profits are invested back into Tasmania, and we – like all of you – are our customers. Learn more about advanced electricity meters, subscribe to use an electric vehicle, or sign up to aurora+ as the best way to manage your electricity.

Renewable Energy Zones

Every community in Tasmania will be impacted by the coming transition to renewables and electrification. Some communities will take a leadership role, and we want to ensure we create these opportunities together. Apply to be part of a stakeholder reference group to help guide your community’s renewable future.
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Positive impact education

In 2022, the University of Tasmania was named the number one university in the world for climate action by Times Higher Education. Learn how you and your children can study in Tasmania, steeped in a culture of entrepreneurship and environmental protection, and make a positive impact on your career, your community, and the planet.


Preventing climate change through the expansion of renewable energy sources is a key social justice issue. Tasmania is leading the way in renewable energy and we have the opportunity to use this advantage to support and reduce pressure on low-income households and create a more just, equitable, healthy and sustainable economy.
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Marinus Link

Marinus Link is supporting the transition away from coal and gas, ensuring customers and businesses have access to the cheapest and most reliable power.

"Tasmania is a land of opportunities. It's not easy when you start off, especially if you're coming here as an international student. The key is for you to continue that journey, keep pushing. You will get there.”

Prajit Parameswar
Renewable energy advocate and community leader
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