You in Tasmania

You have seen the beautiful photographs and the stirring videos. You’ve tasted a Tasmanian pinot noir or you’ve ridden on a Tasmanian-made wave-piercing catamaran. Maybe you’ve visited, so you know what it’s like in this magical place. Maybe you’ve experienced one of our festivals, discovered a white sand beach of your very own, rode on a bush mountain bike track or met a producer or two at a local weekend market.

It is a much bigger step to apply for a job in Tasmania, or to consider moving your business here. But you won’t be alone when you arrive. No matter what you do, you’ll find others who have made the decision to leave metropolitan life behind to create something extraordinary here in Tasmania. You’ll soon be working hard during the day and bushwalking in the evenings and weekends, breathing the cleanest air in the world. You’ll meet our children and young people who are learning and thriving here.

Being Tasmanian isn’t about where you’re born. It’s a way of life, what you value.

Tasmanian careers


The whole world needs you. You can be a doctor or a nurse anywhere.

What’s different about Tasmania is our culture and our lifestyle. You will have a powerful connection to your patients, and the community will encourage your success.

One of our nurse recruits puts it best. After an inevitably hard day in a Tasmanian hospital, she doesn’t have to sit in a car or a train for an hour. She can get on her bike or put on her boots and “tell it to the mountain”.

Others surf in the early mornings and weekends or take painting classes, write novels, sell preserves at the weekly farmers’ market, learn to fly-fish. They take part in the community, volunteering and serving on boards. And their spouses and children have similar opportunities to thrive in a quieter, safer, more adventurous place.

Tasmanian careers


The future of Tasmanian agriculture is in the boutique and the special, the artisanal. Thanks to our climate, our clean air and water, our rigorous standards, our irrigation scheme, and our GMO-free and renewable status we can offer something unique to the world: high value, distinctive and delicious food and drinks.

We invite you to be a part of it, to bring your passion to life in Australia’s food incubator.

If you’re thinking about a gap year, or a taste of the agricultural lifestyle, there are multiple opportunities to work seasonally in Tasmania. It’s fun, and a brilliant opportunity to explore the state with good pay and a warm home base.

Tasmanian careers

Tasmanian tech

Some people like to write code in loud, massive cities. They adore the long commutes, packed into trains or waiting in traffic, because they can catch up on podcasts and the latest in active wear.

Others like to write code in quieter places where they can see the stars at night. They trade the long commute for more time to think and create, for the cleanest air in the world, for bushwalks and empty beaches a few minutes from just about everywhere. They dream up apps, and augmented realities, while looking at mountains out the window. They tend to have really fine mountain bikes.

These people are Tasmanians.

It’s more human here, and we’re translating that into better relationships between entrepreneurs, and better user experiences for the people around the world who use what we build.

Tasmanians are artisans, and Tasmania is a workshop, an unusually good place to try, to fail, to try again and – with the encouragement and support of our friends – to succeed.

Tasmanian careers


There is a problem to solve in Tasmania. Too few of our young people complete year 12. There are complex reasons for this, but it’s a meaningful opportunity to do one crucial thing: ensure young Tasmanians feel they belong in school.

The pattern of Tasmanian success is about the small and the special. This is the place to bring your passion into your career, to look around and feel “I can do it too”, and to feel supported.

We are working on a way to bring Tasmanian culture into the classroom, from K-12 and beyond. We invite you to be a part of it.

Teachers can teach anywhere, but if you teach in Tasmania you can be a crucial part of the community. You can spend your free time on beaches and mountains, at wineries and cideries, looking out your window at beautiful vistas.

Being a teacher is among the most meaningful careers in the world. Come teach in a meaningful place.

Tasmanian careers

Creative industries

Globalisation has made most places feel the same. There is an easy pattern of growth and success, driven by massive cities, and for a long time we followed it in Tasmania. We tried to be just as loud. Just as “everywhere.”

Then our artists and creators showed us that everywhere can feel like nowhere. They showed us there is quiet strength, not weakness, in what makes us different.

Tasmanian culture is our most treasured asset, what no other people and no other place can replicate. It is the source of our pride, our regret, our mutual understanding, and our most honest and reliable engine of growth.

Our culture is an expression of who we are, what it feels like to be Tasmanian.

We invite you to be a part of it, to join artists and creators in our cities and small towns, remote rural areas and islands. This place is a workshop, and we want to help you tell your story.

Luca Brasi
Tasmanian careers

Tourism and hospitality

Tasmania is different. You can taste it in our wine, whisky and delicious food, smell it in the air, feel it on our bushwalks and mountain bike tracks, our boats and catamarans, and in our accommodation. Tasmanians are different too. We designed and made all of this, and we invite you to join us to make more. If you’ve always wanted to launch a new tourism and hospitality enterprise, now is the time. Launch it in Tasmania.

There isn’t a better place to break into the tourism and hospitality industry, to understand the deep meaning in making someone feel special. Over the course of your Tasmanian tourism and hospitality career you will see opportunities to bring your own passion to life in one of our state’s most important sectors.

Come and help us reinvent Tasmanian hospitality.



You’ll hear that a strip of Tasmania has the highest proportion of scientists, per capita, in the Southern Hemisphere. To be honest, we haven’t seen the data, but it feels right: everywhere you go in Tasmania, you bump into another scientist who has moved here to study the extraordinary.

Hobart is an Antarctic gateway city. When there is a problem in Antarctica, they call Tasmania to solve it. Our marine expertise is unparalleled, not because it’s easy here, but because the Southern Ocean is the roughest in the world. If it works here, it will work anywhere. Our unusual flora and fauna provide endless opportunity for study, and we are at the forefront of dementia and population health research.

The University of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government, and a myriad of private enterprises are here to help you transform your passion for science, and your love of nature, into a deeply meaningful life and career.

Bill McHenry

About Tasmania

Tasmania is more than one island. It’s more than 300. Our islands have shaped how Tasmanians have lived for thousands of years. Isolation, wilderness, and our marine environment have helped create our culture. Our environment is the source of our creativity and our personality, the foundation of who we are.

Carleeta Thomas
Carleeta Thomas