Tasmanian investment

Not long ago, investing in Tasmania was similar to investing in any other place with an industrial economy. Making money was typically about finding a way to make volume and mass production work in a place that seemed far away.

It wasn’t easy.

In the background, Tasmanians were quietly building something extraordinary: a feat of engineering we replicated in communities across the state. We attracted talented and ingenious people from around the world to be a part of it. After one hundred years of hard work, invention, and sacrifice, we are now 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable energy. With further investment in renewable sources, we are on track to 200 per cent by 2040.

Inventive Tasmanians

The easy path can lead to mediocrity. Tasmania demands something more from us, and the outcome is extraordinary – Blundstone boots, Incat catamarans, the safest and most effective mining vehicles, delicious food and drinks, clever apps, and boutique tourism properties.

Tara and Steve Howell
Blue Derby Pod Ride

When you invest in Tasmania, you invest renewably

We don’t pursue more. We pursue better. Our climate and our culture are different. We have more scientists and researchers per-capita than anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere. Our mines are highly mineralised, our farms are healthy, and our water is pure and plentiful.

Talented people from around the world are coming to Tasmania to test and pilot their ideas, to build the extraordinary, and we invite you to be a part of it – in advanced manufacturing, in agriculture, tourism, and technology, all of it powered by renewable energy.

In tourism, our long-term focus is on yield, on quality over quantity. Our audiences are the exhausted urbanites and cultural explorers seeking something different in an increasingly beige world. Building on our emerging strength in premium, one-of-a-kind experiences in a special place and culture, there are opportunities to imagine and invest in absolutely unique projects and products for post-COVID travellers.

We know Tasmania is farther away, and smaller. We know we have to work harder and smarter here, to be noticed. But we also know Tasmania possesses extraordinary attributes and resources, and we want to help you understand how to be a part of it.

What are you building? How can we help?

The Tasmanian investment team is not like other teams. We’re here to show you how different is good: our culture of determination, our environment, our energy, and our relentless drive for quality. We create warm, long-term relationships with our clients and partners, with expertise, data, cultural awareness, and a strong plan for the future of our state.

And with great interconnectivity, we are only a click away from the rest of the world, even though we are an island state in the Southern Ocean.

Be part of something that will build and renew your business and offer a sustainable future.

Don’t fill out a form. Don’t spend two hours looking for something online that we can tell you in five minutes. To learn more about how you can make money in Tasmania, phone John or David on +61 3 6777 2786 or email cg@cg.tas.gov.au.