Be Tasmanian

When you register with us, you become a Tasmanian partner. You’ll get access to a range of tools to help you identify what is uniquely Tasmanian about what you do, and how you can powerfully communicate this to uplift your brand and marketing efforts. You’ll also get information on networking events and workshops that will help you connect with like-minded people, and tell your brand story through the lens of the Tasmanian brand.

Joining us is completely free of charge.

As a Tasmanian partner, you have access to:

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    Tools and assets

    • A brand book, which outlines the Tasmanian story, and how you can use it.
    • A story workbook, which helps you unearth your story in your own words.
    • A Tasmanian image library available to use for free in your promotion and social media. Tag us when you do!

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    • Workshops tailored for your sector. In them we share the Tasmanian brand story, and help you build and tell your own brand story.
    • Networking events, which provide the opportunity for you to connect with like-minded Tasmanians who share your passions, your challenges, and your values.

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    • The ‘Tasmanian’ mark, available for use through an application process, to support your marketing activities.
    • The opportunity to be featured in Tasmanian case studies and through our social media channels.
    • News, stories and updates from Brand Tasmania via email.

Tools and assets

The Tasmanian Toolkit

The toolkit will help you tell your story. It will also help you understand and tell the Tasmanian story.

You are the Tasmanian brand. The language and the images in the toolkit are yours to use. And this is just the beginning. We want to help you bring your brand and the Tasmanian brand to life in your own words.

We encourage you to go through the toolkit with something Tasmanian to drink, and to reach out to us for help or support as you build your brand.

Castle Rock

The Tasmanian Mark

When we began our work, we knew the outcome would not be another logo. What we learned, early in our research, is that Tasmanians had a sophisticated idea of what was deeply Tasmanian and what was not.

All of our efforts uplift the meaning of the word ‘Tasmanian’. Tourism sells a special place: Tasmania. We sell Tasmanian people and what they do: Tasmanian ingenuity, Tasmanian products and services, Tasmanian opportunities, Tasmanian culture.

Our partners can use the Tasmanian mark to certify Tasmanian provenance: products and services, experiences, and intellectual property.

To learn more about how to use the Tasmanian mark to bring more value to what you do here, on the mainland, and around the world, visit