What’s that thing you’ve always wanted to do?

It is difficult for Tasmanian goods and services to compete on price. This has inspired us to focus instead on quality – on better, not more.

It isn’t noisy and bustling in Tasmania, but it’s hardly boring. For some people, maybe for you, this is the place to chase a meaningful career – to bring your passion to life.

There are a number of large Tasmanian enterprises, but 97 per cent of our businesses are small. No matter what the size, our ambitions are always big. We always find ways to add value to what we create and make. Our clean environment, rigorous standards, and culture of invention and experimentation create finer food and drinks. Our mining equipment, boats, and military hardware are highly specialised. Our tourism experiences focus on what can only happen here, taking advantage of our special environment, our ingenuity, and our culture.

Tasmania is increasingly a workshop. We produce, we create, we build, we imagine, we design differently. If all you need is a healthy environment, reliable internet, an airport, and an unusually supportive community, we welcome you to quietly pursue the extraordinary.

"We just thought it was crazy that someone in Tasmania would be using a salt from the other side of the world, when you could be eating salt from Tasmanian water."

Chris Manson & Alice Laing
Tasman Sea Salt
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How can we help?

Large population centres will seek “low touch high impact” ways to help entrepreneurs, artists and social organisations. Their economic development organisations will seek ways to scale their activities with technology: heavy websites filled with information, chatbots, social media, and automated phone solutions.

We use technology and digital tools in Tasmania, but we want to highlight an important part of our brand and competitive advantage, our culture: human connection.

High touch, high impact is Tasmanian.

Tasmanian enterprise is about the small and the special. We want to help you transform your passion into your career through incubators, mentorship and coaching, toolkit resources, workshops, and opportunities to take your product and service from Tasmania to the world.

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