The Apple Isle makes artisan cider

At one time, Tasmania produced the most apples in the country. Then globalisation changed everything. Tasmanians had to figure out how to make an advantage out of quality, not quantity. We had to invent a boutique economy, sector by sector. Today we don’t just grow and ship apples. We grow and process organic apples, with our clean air and water, and transform them into the most delicious cider you have ever tasted.

Today you will find artisans in nearly every aspect of our economy, building better – not more.

Region in focus

Life in the North West

Visitors to North West Tasmania get a taste of what it's like to live in this region: bush adventures, cultural experiences, and delicious produce grown and harvested from the land and sea. The community is open, welcoming, and encouraging.

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Move to Tasmania

We invite you to follow your talent and passion, to connect with your neighbours, and to spend your free time magnificently.

Make it Tasmania

How a wine-obsessed woman from Yorkshire ended up Tasmanian

Curly Haslam-Coates
Wine educator
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