A few years ago, when Tastex Knitwear and Uniforms lost a major client, the business was rocked to its core.

They had been in business since 1946, so they had faced challenges before. But this was different.

Tastex didn’t want to give up their main business: high quality uniforms.

But they also needed to diversify, to find something new that represented who they were at their best – as craftspeople and as Tasmanians.

DevilKnits was born – cute soft toys to cuddle, scarves and animal beanies to keep bodies warm, and stubbie holders to keep Tasmanian beers cool.

An ‘Australian Disability Enterprise’, Tastex/DevilKnits employs people who have intellectual, cognitive or developmental disabilities.

And every member of the team takes pride not only in the exceptional quality of their products but in other personal and corporate decisions.

“Our organisation takes corporate responsibility seriously,” says CEO Vicki Hawker. “A couple of years ago, we installed 110 solar panels on our factory roof, generating 60% of our power needs.” They also recycle their garment offcuts by turning them into stuffing for their toys, eliminating waste that would otherwise go to landfill. And they encourage their customers to receive their knitwear free of plastic packaging.

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